Top 5 Best Necchi Sewing Machines for 2020

Vittorio Necchi of Italy belonged to a famous Necchi manufacturing family. He soon realized that his family business would need an exploration into a completely new direction because of the rapid changes taking place in the world of business and that is when the idea of creating sewing machines struck to his mind.

Since 1919 Necchi is continuing the tradition of producing excellent quality sewing machines. Sewists all over the world are fond of the best Necchi sewing machine because of their reliable performance at an excellent value. Therefore, we bring a list of the Necchi sewing machine review for you to choose from available on Amazon.

Necchi HD22 Mechanical Sewing Machine:

This Necchi hd22 sewing machine comes with an exclusive bundle pack of 10 bobbin needles, a needle assortment pack, and Janome red tip needles of size 14 and 1/4” seam foot.

This heavy mechanical sewing machine is built to carry out heavy duty projects. Its body is made up of heavy duty Aluminum alloy.

With the ease of using and very reliable Necchi sewing machine, you can complete any project as it has 22 varieties of stitches built-in along with 1 four-step buttonhole and a front-loading vertically oscillating hook.

This machine becomes of great value with its added features like an accessory storage compartment. To all the extraordinary features added is the adjustable foot pressure system.

Key Features:

  1. It has a thread tension controller for the bobbin needle.
  2. Comes with a built-in threader.
  3. Has a dial for selection of Drop feed easy stitching.
  4. Also provided with stitch width controller and stitch length controller.

Necchi FA16 Mechanical Sewing Machine:

This Necchi fa16 sewing machines an exclusive collection of features that includes –a pack of 10 bobbin needles and ¼” seam foot.

This sewing machine comprises of everything that a beginner or a traveling quilter may need. For the quilter, there is a drop feed and a foot lifter that is equipped with extra high pressure.

While a garment sewer is definitely going to appreciate the free arm space and buttonhole stitch. It has features that you will need for basic sewing or even for professional creativity too. The best part of the features of the Necchi sewing machine is they are very easy to use.

It comes with five years of extended warranty too. The additional features listed are –it has a top loading full rotatory hook bobbin, 16 built-in stitches, and 1 four-step buttonhole.

Key Features:

  1. It has a built-in dial for thread tension control.
  2. Comes with a free arm drop feed carrying handle.
  3. Another dial present for easy selection of stitch.
  4. Provided with a LED light for making your stitching process a little easier.

Necchi EV7 Sewing Machine:

This Necchi ev7 is a sturdy mechanical sewing machine that has 7 essential stitches with additional four-step buttonhole. Its sleek designs include all the useful features –a built-in needle threader, accessory story space, you can easily convert to a free arm space for sewing in tight space conditions.

It has a manual thread tension controller with 3-piece feed dog and comes with extra high-pressure foot lifter. It also has a reverse lever and a winder to declutch the bobbin needle.

Added stitch selection dial with a maximum stitch width of about 5mm and a maximum stitch length of about 4mm, and also has a front-loading oscillating hook bobbin.

Key Features:

  1. It looks extremely stylish because of its sleek design and also is easy to fit in small storage spaces.
  2. Comes with an attachable stitch chart to help you guide through different styles of stitching.
  3. An extra dial present for selection of these various styles of stitches.
  4. Has a built-in accessory storage space too.

Necchi EX60 Computerized Sewing Machine:

This Necchi ex60 computerized sewing machine has a collection of all the exclusive features that include a needle assortment pack, a pack of 10 bobbin needles, added to a gathering foot, concealed zipper foot, ditch quilting foot, and ultra glide foot.

The immensely beautiful designing of Necchi ex60 will impress you at the very first glance itself. After taking a closer inspection of this computerized sewing machine you will find 60 different types of stitches with direct stitch selection dial and an additional four built-in buttonholes.

The extension table provided has dimensions of 16” x 11” using which you can sew almost anything and everything easily and comfortably. Also has a built-in needle threader and snap on feet presser.

Key Features:

  1. The best part is, the Necchi ex60 machine is provided with an optical magnifying glass to make the stitching process a lot easier.
  2. Has a memorized needle for up/down, with down as the default function.
  3. Comes with 7-piece feed dog free arm drop feed.
  4. It is also provided with the start/stop button and a stitching speed controller.

Necchi EX100 Sewing Machine:

The Necchi ex100 sewing machine has some really exclusive features. You will find a variety of 100 different built-in stitches to choose from. Not only just this but it also includes six button-holes too.

This Necchi serger has a top loading full rotatory hook bobbin needle and easy convenience buttons that include –start/stop button, a reverse button, a locking stitch button, a needle up/down button and an automatic thread cutter.

The maximum stitch width is of about 7mm. All the extraordinary features include an extension table with dimensions of about 16” x 11” and an optical magnifying glass to see the stitch patterns easily.

Key Features:

  1. Has a knee lift for hand free raising and lowering the foot presser.
  2. Provided with a hardcover accessory storage space.
  3. Comes with an automatic declutch bobbin needle winder.
  4. The maximum stitch width limit is 7mm whereas the maximum stitch length limit is 5mm.

We are hoping that the list of best sewing machine curated after ample research makes a purchase a little easier. These magical Necchi sewing machines can be used by professionals as well as the beginners to stitch their creative imaginations into reality.

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